Monoprice tablet.

This bad boy

It’s utterly flawless in every way…other than that in Paint Tool SAI, you can’t choose only one monitor to draw on if you use dual screens.

It’s a really great tablet, though. The pen isn’t flimsy as a lot of people have mentioned (???). The pen and tablet are both nice and light, but sturdy. Pressure sensitivity is definitely better than both of my previous Wacom Intuos3 tablets. UMM~ I’m no tablet connoisseur, but I’d highly recommend it if you want a cheap but solid tablet.

BUT…if you happen to use dual screens but only draw on one screen, and use Paint Tool SAI, don’t get a Monoprice tablet (unless there’s some sort of solution to this mysterious issue?). SAI seems to ignore the option to use the tablet on only one screen. Whiiiich is what I prefer, because I use a small laptop PC and a much larger Apple Cinema Display…

Thaaaankfully though, a friend fixed my old tablet, so I can use that one if I want to still use SAI~